We are proud to continue offering an entertaining environment to the Carlisle community. This brings Midway’s total lifetime to 59 years and continuing to change with a gaming area, complete kitchen, and completed a stylish bar.


Midway Bowling Center was opened in 1956 as a 16-lane establishment. Ten additional lanes were added a year later to accommodate the popularity of bowling. In 1971 ten more lanes were built to bring a total of 36 lanes into operation. The Sparetime Lounge was constructed in 1991 so Midway could offer alcohol and double the business’s level of fun!

Our Company

The staff of Midway is committed to helping every customer celebrate life while they visit our business! It is our goal to deliver the most enjoyable environment that we can and help everyone have a good time. If we are not living up to this please let us know and we will happily adjust our offerings!

Mission Statement

Create fun! The mission at Midway is to create a fun, inviting, and entertaining destination for people of all ages.

Core Values

The following principles govern our company’s culture.

  1. Work hard, love your part in the business, and do a great job.
  2. Be passionate about delivering exceptional customer service.
  3. Be a squeaky wheel and make workplace problems known.
  4. Apply the theory of categorical imperative to all decisions.
  5. Be humble and listen.
  6. Have fun on and off the job.
  7. Instill these values into all other employees.